RR-01 M.St.P&S.Ste.M Two Engines
RR-02 Houghton & Ontonagon RR Advertisement
RR-03 Milwaukee & Chicago Advertisement
RR-04 Washington & Richmond RR
RR-05 Hand Pump Car
RR-06 Old Car Interior
RR-07 Family on Hand Pump Car
RR-08 Blaney & Southern Auto-Train
RR-09 Busting Snow Drifts Negaunee
RR-10 Hand Pump Car
RR-11 Snow Drift Calumet
RR-12 Three Engine Snow Removal
RR-13 Stuck in Snow
RR-14 Keweenaw Central Plow
RR-15 Train Crash DSS&A Marquette
RR-16 Engine Wreck
RR-17 LS&I Ore Car Wreck
RR-18 DSS&A Wreck
RR-19 DSS&A Wreck
RR-20 DSS&A Wreck in Dowtown Mqt
RR-21 DSS&A Wreck Michigamme River
RR-22 DSS&A Wreck Munising
RR-23 LS&I Wreck 1916
RR-24 Train in Winter Munising
RR-25 C&NW Wreck Escanaba
RR-26 DSS&A Wreck Michigamme
RR-27 DSS&A Wreck Michigamme
RR-28 C.M.& St. P. Wreck Iron Mountain
RR-29 Copper Range Wreck
RR-30 Tracks Near Marquette
RR-31 Groves Creek Lumber Co.
RR-32 Logging Train Near Matchwood
RR-33 Going Through the Clear Cutting
RR-34 Engine Close-Up Munising
RR-35 Northern Lumber Co. at Birch
RR-36 Northern Lumber Co. at Birch
RR-37 Northern Lumber Co.
RR-38 Among the Iron Mines Ishpeming
RR-39 C.&N.W. Escanaba
RR-40 Green Bay RR Garden Michigan
RR-41 Among the Iron Mines Ironwood
RR-42 Osceola & Torch Lake RR
RR-43 Mqt. Houghton & Ontonagon RR
RR-44 Mqt. Houghton & Ontonagon RR
RR-45 Mqt. Houghton & Ontonagon RR
RR-46 Mqt. Houghton & Ontonagon Stock
RR-47 Milwaukee Road "Copper Country Limited"
RR-48 Hecla & Torch Lake RR
RR-49 Mineral Range #190 on Trestle
RR-50 Mineral Range #192
RR-51 Houghton & Torch Lake RR
RR-52 Houghton & Torch Lake RR
RR-53 New York Central #1607
RR-54 Oliver Iron Co. Engines
RR-55 Michigan Verde Antique Marble
RR-56 Michigan Verde Antique Marble
RR-57 Switchmen
RR-58 Michigan Verde Antique Marble
RR-59 Seibel Bros. Circus Train in Mqt.
RR-60 Engine #555
RR-61 New York Central Wreck
RR-62 New York Central Wreck
RR-63 Hand Pump Car
RR-64 Railroad Workers
RR-65 Soo Junction River Trip
RR-66 Houghton & Torch Lake
RR-67 Copper Country Passenger Train
RR-68 M. St. P.&.S. St. Marie Wreck
RR-69 Oliver Iron Co. Pushing Ore
RR-70 C. & N.W. in Negaunee
RR-71 Train Wreck
RR-72 Miniature Train House of David
RR-73 Pere Marquette #318
RR-74 Steam Engine Mackinaw City
RR-75 Michigan Verde Antique Marble
RR-76 Michigan Verde Antique Marble
RR-77 Logging Train
RR-78 Irish Local Railroad Union
RR-79 Train Interior Deer Antlers
RR-80 Sparrow Knoll Lumber Train Kenton
RR-81 Logging Train Escanaba
RR-82 Building Trestle in Washington
RR-83 Train Wreck
RR-84 Steam Engines Thawing Ore Escanaba
RR-85 Trestle Near Trout Creek
RR-86 Grand Trunk Parade
RR-87 N.W.C. & I. Co. Railroad Escanaba
RR-88 Hand Pump Car Negaunee
RR-89 Toonerville Trolly
RR-90 Passenger Cars Munising
RR-91 Sparrow Knoll Kenton
RR-92 Chicago,Milwaukee & St. Paul Wreck
RR-93 Nickel Plate Railroad
RR-94 Marquette Train
RR-95 Coper Country Train
RR-96 C.&N.W. Shop Interior Escanaba
RR-97 Old Engines
RR-98 M.St.Paul & S.Ste. Marie
RR-99 Govenor Ferris Speaking From Train
RR-100 Central Vermont RR
RR-101 Norfolk & Western
RR-102 New York Central #2824
RR-103 Union Pacific
RR-104 New York Central #3100
RR-105 New York Central #6023
RR-106 Logging Train
RR-107 Pere Marquette
RR-108 Trader Mine Wreck
RR-109 Sheboygan & Fond du Lac RR
RR-110 Hitching a Ride
RR-111 M.St.P&S.Ste. Marie
RR-112 Railroad Crew
RR-113 Yankee Steam Engine
RR-114 DSS&A Wreck Michigamme
RR-115 New York Central
RR-116 Snow Plow
RR-117 Steam Engine in Quinnesec
RR-118 C.M. & St. P. RR
RR-119 Negaunee Water Tank
RR-120 Cadillac and Lake City RR
RR-121 Railroad Ties
RR-122 Steam Engine Sturgeon
RR-123 Shay Engine
RR-124 Logging Train Trout Creek
RR-125 Mineral Range #193
RR-126 Train Wreck St. Mary's River
RR-127 Govenor Ferris in Kenton
RR-128 Young Conductor
RR-129 Train in Winter
RR-130 Engine Close-Up
RR-131 Engine Close-Up
RR-132 G.R.&I. Wreck Near Boyne City
RR-133 Incredible Wooden Trestle
RR-134 Oiling the Wheels
RR-135 Railroad Bicycle Manistique
RR-136 Oliver Iron Co. #700
RR-137 Three Engines Oliver Iron
RR-138 L.I.L. Co. Train Big Bay
RR-139 Logging Train
RR-140 Pere Marquette 1937
RR-141 Train at Wellsville MI
RR-142 Oliver Iron Co. #607
RR-143 Fiborn Limestone Quarry Train
RR-144 Oliver Iron Co. #164
RR-145 Oliver Iron Co. #143
RR-146 Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena RR
RR-147 Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena RR
RR-148 Matoon Railroad Engine
RR-149 L.S. & M. RR Duluth MN
RR-150 R.& A. Co. Engine
RR-151 Van Platen Fox Co. RR
RR-152 Laying Track Hancock 1916
RR-153 Two Logging Trains
RR-154 Logging Train
RR-155 Women's Suffrage Train Negaunee
RR-156 Shay Locomotive
RR-157 Shay Locomotive
RR-158 Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co. RR
RR-159 Wisconsin Land & Lumber
RR-160 Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon Stock
RR-161 W.L.&L. Co.
RR-162 Railroad Work Crew Gwinn MI
RR-163 Train Cab Interior 1905
RR-164 Wm. Mueller Lumber Train
RR-165 Wm. Mueller Lumber Train
RR-166 Two Men on a Speeder
RR-167 Family on a Speeder
RR-168 Skandia Section House With Pump Car
RR-169 Unique Pump Car
RR-170 President McKinley Train
RR-171 Caboose Fun
RR-172 Train Wreck Crystal Falls MI
RR-173 Pere Marquette with Billowing Smoke
RR-174 Yankee & Johnny Bull Jackson Mine
RR-175 Ore Dock Trains 1870
RR-176 Marquette & Huron Mountain RR
RR-177 Marquette & Huron Mountain RR
RR.178 Milwaukee Road "400' Neguanee
RR-179 Round House Channing MI
RR-180 Copper Country Steam Train
RR-181 Double Header Pushing Copper Ore
RR-182 Torch Lake RR
RR-183 DSS&A Pump Car
RR-184 DSS&A Wreck Michigamme
RR-185 Torch Lake Engine at Greenfield Village
RR-186 Western Train Pose
RR-187 St. Paul Wreck Republic MI
RR-188 Unloading Explosives Oliver Iron Co.
RR-189 Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Map
RR-190 Pere Marquette in Snow
RR-191 Pere Marquette Freight Yard Saginaw
RR-192 Pere Marquette Roundhouse Saginaw
RR-193 Pere Marquette Freight Yard
RR-194 DSS&A Wreck
RR-195 Copper Country Limited Last Run
RR-196 Charcoal & Iron Co. Train Newberry
RR-197 Shay Locomotive Picqua Lumber
RR-198 Shay Locomotive Picqua Lumber
RR-199 Chicago & Northwestern Escanaba
RR-200 Chicago & Northwestern Oconto WI
Railroad /Calumet & Hecla

RR-CH-01 C&H Diesel Engine #201
RR-CH-02 C&H Shops
RR-CH-03 C&H By The Colliseum
RR-CH-04 C&H With Jacket
RR-CH-05 Ahmeek Trestle
RR-CH-06 C&H Diesel
RR-CH-07 C&H At Roundhouse
RR-CH-08 Hecla Roundhouse 1885
RR-CH-09 C&H Consolidated Copper Co.
RR-CH-10 Calumet Engine
RR-CH-11 Hauling Ore at the C&H
RR-CH-12 C&H #8
RR-CH-13 Hauling Ore in Calumet
RR-CH-14 Raymbault Engine
RR-CH-15 C&H #6
RR-CH-16 C&H #6 by Roundhouse
RR-CH-17 C&H With Crew
RR-CH-18 Hecla Engine
RR-CH-19 C&H #8
RR-CH-20 Manitou Engine
RR-CH-21 Roberval Engine
RR-CH-22 C&H #9
RR-CH-23 Osceola Engine
RR-CH-24 C&H by Roundhouse
RR-CH-25 C&H #3 Railroad/Copper Range
RR-CR-01 Ticket Office Calumet
RR-CR-02 Copper Range # 23 on Trestle
RR-CR-03 Copper Range # 52
RR-CR-04 Franklin Engine #4
RR-CR-05 Copper Range # 51
RR-CR-06 Copper Range # 21
RR-CR-07 Beacon Hill Trestle
RR-CR-08 Two Engines With Plows
RR-CR-09 Copper Range #51
RR-CR-10 Copper Range #52
RR-CR-11 Copper Range Pushing Snow
RR-CR-12 Shoveling Ore
RR-CR-13 Firesteel Trestle
RR-CR-14 Copper Range #23
RR-CR-15 Copper Range #23
RR-CR-16 Trimountain Trestle & Mill
RR-CR-17 Hauling Ore
RR-CR-18 Copper Range With Dog
RR-CR-19 Copper Range #52
RR-CR-20 Copper Range Yard Houghton
RR-CR-21 Copper Range Roundhouse Houghton
RR-CR-22 Copper Range in the Snow
RR-CR-23 Railroad Bridge on Portage
RR-CR-24 Copper Range Map
RR-CR-25 Hungarian Trestle
RR-CR-26 Copper Range Passenger Car
RR-CR-27 Copper Range at Depot Houghton
RR-CR-28 Copper Range Dock 1909
RR-CR-29 Copper Range #56
RR-CR-30 C.R. Engine at North Freedom WI
RR-CR-31 Picnic at Freda Park

RR-DSSA-01 DSS&A Engine #201
RR-DSSA-02 DSS&A Engine #556
RR-DSSA-03 Engine #401
RR-DSSA-04 Two Engines With Plow
RR-DSSA-05 Engine #108 in Michigamme
RR-DSSA-06 Engine #92
RR-DSSA-07 Diesel Engine #2500
RR-DSSA-08 DSS&A in Kenton
RR-DSSA-09 Engine #404
RR-DSSA-10 Oiling the Wheels
RR-DSSA-11 Engine #734 Blowing Smoke
RR-DSSA-12 Passenger Cars in Marquette
RR-DSSA-13 Diesel Engine #104
RR-DSSA-14 Passenger Cars in Marquette
RR-DSSA-15 Diesel Engine #385
RR-DSSA-16 Engine #200
RR-DSSA-17 Freight Car
RR-DSSA-18 Passenger Car Interior
RR-DSSA-19 Passenger Car Interior
RR-DSSA-20 Diesel Engin #106
RR-DSSA-21 DSS&A #400
RR-DSSA-22 Diesel Engine #302
RR-DSSA-23 Engine #32
RR-DSSA-24 Passenger Car Interior
RR-DSSA-25 Engine #718 in Houghton
RR-DSSA-26 Cars in Iron River
RR-DSSA-27 Engine #50
RR-DSSA-28 Passenger Car
RR-DSSA-29 Engine #109
RR-DSSA-30 Engine on Turntable
RR-DSSA-31 Engine #42 at Roundhouse
RR-DSSA-32 Stuck in Snow
RR-DSSA-33 Plowing Snow
RR-DSSA-34 Huge Plow
RR-DSSA-35 AuTrain Water Tank
RR-DSSA-36 Ore Dock Workers
RR-DSSA-37 Blowing Smoke
RR-DSSA-38 Engine #311
RR-DSSA-39 Engine #198
RR-DSSA-40 Engine Up Close
RR-DSSA-41 Early Engine
RR-DSSA-42 Marquette Yard
RR-DSSA-43 Engine #602
RR-DSSA-44 Going Through a Flood
RR-DSSA-45 Lots of Smoke
RR-DSSA-46 Engine #729
RR-DSSA-47 Two Engines
RR-DSSA-48 Location Unknown
RR-DSSA-49 Train on Ore Dock Marquette
RR-DSSA-50 Building New Dock 1931
RR-DSSA-51 Building New Dock 1931
RR-DSSA-52 DSS&A Yard Marquette
RR-DSSA-53 Building the Trestle
RR-DSSA-56 Diesel Engine 200
RR-DSSA-57 Bud Car in Marquette
RR-DSSA-58 Freight Car
RR-DSSA-59 Freight Car
RR-DSSA-60 Passenger Cars by Depot
RR-DSSA-61 Passenger Car by Depot
RR-DSSA-62 Engine #708 in St. Ignace
RR-DSSA-63 Passenger Car
RR-DSSA-64 Engine #604
RR-DSSA-65 Engine #553
RR-DSSA-66 Engine #2
RR-DSSA-67 Engine #404
RR-DSSA-68 Engine #204 on Trestle
RR-DSSA-69 Engine #105
RR-DSSA-70 Engine # 109 in Marquette
RR-DSSA-71 Crossing Trestle Lots of Smoke
RR-DSSA-72 Engine #701 Calumet
RR-DSSA-73 Engine #701 Calumet
RR-DSSA-74 Engine #701 Calumet
RR-DSSA-75 Engine #91 Marquette
RR-DSSA-76 On Turntable Marquette
RR-DSSA-77 Engine #92 Marquette
RR-DSSA-78 Engine #550 Calumet
RR-DSSA-79 Engine #551 Marquette
RR-DSAA-80 Engine #408
RR-DSAA-81 Engine #556
RR-DSAA-82 Engine #555 in Duluth
RR-DSAA-83 Bridge Failure at the Soo
RR-DSAA-84 Engine #704 Calumet
RR-DSAA-85 DSS&A Shops
RR-DSAA-86 Diesel Engine #106
RR-DSAA-87 Diesel Engine #208
RR-DSAA-88 Engine #106
RR-DSAA-89 Engine #556 Duluth
RR-DSAA-90 Diesel Engine #300
RR-DSAA-91 Bud Car in Marquette
RR-DSAA-92 Engine #1051
RR-DSAA-93 Engine 32713 Duluth
RR-DSAA-94 Rail Yards in Marquette
RR-DSAA-95 Diesel Engine #105
RR-DSAA-96 Diesel Engine #104 Soo
RR-DSAA-97 Engine #100
RR-DSAA-98 Diesel Engine #303
RR-DSAA-99 Diesel Engine #200
RR-DSAA-100 Diesel Engine #201
RR-DSAA-101 Engine #707
RR-DSAA-102 Engine #707
RR-DSAA-103 Diesel Engine #399
RR-DSAA-104 Diesel Engine #209
RR-DSAA-105 Diesel Engine #209
RR-DSAA-106 Train Wreck Munising
RR-DSAA-107 Engine #1053
RR-DSAA-108 Engine #500
RR-DSAA-109 Engine # 2325
RR-DSAA-110 Engine #1051
RR-DSAA-111 Engine #4015
RR-DSAA-112 Engine #556
RR-DSAA-113 Rail Yards Marquette
RR-DSAA-114 Soo Diesels Trout Lake
RR-DSAA-115 Engine #555 Calumet
RR-DSAA-116 Engine #727
RR-DSAA-117 Engine #335
RR-DSAA-118 Engine #555
RR-DSAA-119 Engine # 2700
RR-DSAA-120 Engine #705
RR-DSAA-121 Tank Locomotive X-90
RR-DSAA-122 Engine #436
RR-DSAA-123 Engine #474
RR-DSAA-124 Diesel Engine #399
RR-DSAA-125 Diesel Engine #103&101
RR-DSAA-126 Bud Car Trout Lake
RR-DSAA-127 Diesel Engine #107
Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad

RR-GRI-01 Engine #10
RR-GRI-02 Engine #67
RR-GRI-03 Engine #10
RR-GRI-04 Steam Engine With Crew
RR-GRI-06 Engine #47
RR-GRI-07 Train Wreck 1904
RR-GRI-08 Engine#35 Grand Rapids
RR-GRI-09 Engine #63
Grand Trunk Railroad

RR-GT-01 Engine#155
RR-GT-02 Diesel Engine #9015
RR-GT-03 Caboose
RR-GT-04 Freight Car
RR-GT-05 Freight Car
RR-GT-06 Caboose
RR-GT-07 Diesel Wreck
RR-GT-08 Engine #80
RR-GT-09 Diesel Engine #6405
RR-GT-10 Diesel Engine #7902
RR-GT-11 Diesel Engine #7909
RR-GT-12 Diesel Engine #1500
RR-GT-13 Diesel Engine #7800
RR-GT-14 Diesel Engine #4546
RR-GT-15 Diesel Engine #4544
RR-GT-16 Diesel Engine #9015
RR-GT-17 Engineer on the #6218
RR-GT-18 Three Diesels in a Row
RR-GT-19 Train Wreck
RR-GT-20 Diesel Engine on Display
RR-GT-21 Engine #21 Battle Creek
RR-GT-22 Diesel Engine #9011
RR-GT-23 Diesel Engines #3913 & #3914
RR-GT-24 Diesel Engine #4430
RR-GT-25 Diesel Engine $4136
RR-GT-26 Diesel Engine #4137 Battle Creek
RR-GT-27 Diesel Engines #4539 & #4540
RR-GT-28 Engine #6332
RR-GT-29 Engine #6330
RR-GT-30 Engine #6336
RR-GT-31 Engine #6405
RR-GT-32 Engine #6410
RR-GT-33 Engine #6326
RR-GT-34 Engine #5444
RR-GT-35 Engine #6218 Blowing Smoke
RR-GT-36 Engine #6319
RR-GT-37 Engine #6325
RR-GT-38 Engine #6321
RR-GT-39 Engine #6317
RR-GT-40 Engine #2762
RR-GT-41 Engine #3717
RR-GT-42 Engine #5629
RR-GT-43 Engine #3523
RR-GT-44 Engine #3732
RR-GT-45 Engine #3755
RR-GT-46 Engine #155
RR-GT-47 Engine #5030
RR-GT-48 Grand Trunk Shops Interior
RR-GT-49 Engine #1544
RR-GT-50 Engine #4080
RR-GT-51 Engine #6331
RR-GT-52 Engine #6331 Side View
RR-GT-53 Engine #6040
RR-GT-54 Engine #6327
RR-GT-55 Engine #5030
RR-GT-56 Engine #7202
RR-GT-57 Engine #2684
RR-GT-58 Engine #6405
RR-GT-59 Engine #3741
RR-GT-60 Engine #707
RR-GT-61 Engine #5030
RR-GT-62 Engine #320
RR-GT-63 Engine #5030
RR-GT-64 Passenger Cars
RR-GT-65 Flying Scotsman
RR-GT-66 Flying Scotsman
RR-GT-67 Engine #5628
RR-GT-68 Diesel Engine #9017
RR-GT-69 Four Engines of the Apocalypse
L.S & I. Railroad

RR-LSI-01 Munising Railway in Marquette
RR-LSI-02 Engine #24
RR-LSI-03 Engine #38
RR-LSI-04 Roundhouse in Marquette
RR-LSI-05 Engine #24
RR-LSI-06 Engine #22
RR-LSI-07 Top of Ore Dock
RR-LSI-08 Caboose & Crew
RR-LSI-09 Caboose & Crew
RR-LSI-10 Engine #22
RR-LSI-11 Dead River Trestle
RR-LSI-12 Engine #37
RR-LSI-13 Engine #36 on Bridge
RR-LSI-14 Dead River Trestle
RR-LSI-15 Engine #14
RR-LSI-16 Diesel Engines #2405 & #2402
RR-LSI-17 "Nut Splitters'
RR-LSI-18 Engine #33
RR-LSI-19 Crossing Big Bay Rd.
RR-LSI-20 At The Roundhouse
RR-LSI-21 Engine #3
RR-LSI-22 Dead River Trestle
RR-LSI-23 Engine #31 Ishpeming
RR-LSI-24 Engine #12
RR-LSI-25 Engine #29
RR-LSI-26 Engine #22

RR-DEPA-01 Adrian
RR-DEPA-02 Alanson
RR-DEPA-03 Alma
RR-DEPA-04 AuTrain
RR-DEPA-05 AuTrain
RR-DEPB-01 Bruce's Crossing
RR-DEPB-02 Bad Axe
RR-DEPB-03 Battle Creek
RR-DEPB-04 Battle Creek
RR-DEPB-05 Bay View
RR-DEPB-06 Beacon Hill
RR-DEPB-07 Big Bay
RR-DEPB-08 Birmingham
RR-DEPB-09 Blaney Junction
RR-DEPB-10 Brampton
RR-DEPB-11 Big Bay
RR-DEPC-01 Calumet
RR-DEPC-02 Calumet
RR-DEPC-03 Calumet
RR-DEPC-04 Calumet
RR-DEPC-05 Calumet
RR-DEPC-06 Calumet
RR-DEPC-07 Calumet
RR-DEPC-08 Calumet
RR-DEPC-09 Calumet
RR-DEPC-10 Champion
RR-DEPC-11 Champion
RR-DEPC-12 Charlotte
RR-DEPC-13 Chassel
RR-DEPC-14 Chatham
RR-DEPC-15 Chatham
RR-DEPC-16 Cheyboygan
RR-DEPC-17 Chelsea
RR-DEPC-18 Clarksburg
RR-DEPC-19 Covington
RR-DEPC-20 Curtis
RR-DEPC-21 Curtis
RR-DEPC-22 Champion
RR-DEPD-01 Detroit
RR-DEPD-02 Detroit
RR-DEPD-03 Detroit
RR-DEPD-04 Detroit
RR-DEPD-05 Delaware
RR-DEPD-06 Dewitt
RR-DEPE-01 Eckerman
RR-DEPE-02 Escanaba
RR-DEPE-03 Escanaba
RR-DEPE-04 Escanaba
RR-DEPE-05 Escanaba
RR-DEPF-01 Fenton
RR-DEPF-02 Flat Rock
RR-DEPF-03 Flint
RR-DEPF-04 Flint
RR-DEPF-05 Flint
RR-DEPG-01 Gay
RR-DEPG-02 Gladstone
RR-DEPG-03 Gould City
RR-DEPG-04 Gwinn
RR-DEPG-05 Gwinn
RR-DEPG-06 Gwinn
RR-DEPG-07 Gladstone
RR-DEPG-08 Gladstone
RR-DEPH-01 Hancock
RR-DEPH-02 Hermansville
RR-DEPH-03 Houghton
RR-DEPH-04 Houghton
RR-DEPH-05 Houghton
RR-DEPH-06 Houghtton
RR-DEPH-07 Howell
RR-DEPH-08 Hubbell
RR-DEPI-01 Indian River
RR-DEPI-02 Ishpeming
RR-DEPI-03 Ishpeming
RR-DEPI-04 Iron Mountain
RR-DEPI-05 Iron River
RR-DEPI-06 Iron River
RR-DEPI-07 Ironwood
RR-DEPI-08 Ithaca
RR-DEPK-01 Kenton
RR-DEPK-02 Keweenaw Bay
RR-DEPK-03 Kenton
RR-DEPL-01 Lake Odessa
RR-DEPL-02 Lapeer
RR-DEPL-03 Levering
RR-DEPL-04 Little Lake
RR-DEPL-05 Little Lake
RR-DEPL-06 Lake Gogebic
RR-DEPM-01 Mackinaw City
RR-DEPM-02 Mackinaw City
RR-DEPM-03 Mackinaw City
RR-DEPM-04 Mackinaw City
RR-DEPM-05 Mandan
RR-DEPM-06 Marquette
RR-DEPM-07 Marquette
RR-DEPM-08 Marquette
RR-DEPM-09 Marquette
RR-DEPM-10 Marquette
RR-DEPM-11 Metamora
RR-DEPM-12 Metropolitan
RR-DEPM-13 Michigamme
RR-DEPM-14 Midland
RR-DEPM-15 Milford
RR-DEPM-16 Mohawk
RR-DEPM-17 Munising
RR-DEPM-18 Munising Junction
RR-DEPM-19 Munising Junction
RR-DEPM-20 Munising
RR-DEPM-21 Munising
RR-DEPM-22 Mt. Pleasant
RR-DEPM-23 Mineral Range ?
RR-DEPN-01 Negaunee
RR-DEPN-02 Negaunee
RR-DEPN-03 Negaunee
RR-DEPN-04 Nestoria
RR-DEPN-05 Nestoria
RR-DEPN-06 Northville
RR-DEPN-07 Newberry
RR-DEPP-01 Painsdale Junction
RR-DEPP-02 Pellston
RR-DEPP-03 Pellston
RR-DEPP-04 Pentoga
RR-DEPP-05 Perronville
RR-DEPP-06 Plymouth
RR-DEPP-07 Plymouth
RR-DEPP-08 Pontiac
RR-DEPP-09 Port Austin
RR-DEPP-10 Port Huron
RR-DEPP-11 Port Huron
RR-DEPP-12 Pewamo
RR-DEPQ-01 Quinessec
RR-DEPR-01 Randville
RR-DEPR-02 Copper Range?
RR-DEPR-03 Republic
RR-DEPR-04 Republic
RR-DEPR-05 Royal Oak
RR-DEPR-06 Rock River
RR-DEPR-07 Reed City
RR-DEPS-01 Saginaw
RR-DEPS-02 Saginaw
RR-DEPS-03 Seney
RR-DEPS-04 Shingleton
RR-DEPS-05 Soo Junction
RR-DEPS-06 South Boardman
RR-DEPS-07 Stager
RR-DEPS-08 Saginaw
RR-DEPS-09 Saginaw
RR-DEPS-10 St. Ignace
RR-DEPT-01 Toivola
RR-DEPT-02 Traverse City
RR-DEPT-03 Trout Lake
RR-DEPT-04 Trout Creek
RR-DEPU-01 Unionville
RR-DEPW-01 Watton
RR-DEPW-02 Wauceda
RR-DEPW-03 Wetmore
RR-DEPW-04 Wetmore
RR-DEPW-05 Wetmore
RR-DEPW-06 Wellsville
RR-DEPW-07 Wolverine LP
RR-DEPW-08 Wolverine UP
RR-DEPW-09 Witch Lake
RR-DEPW-10 Wyandotte
RR-DEPY-01 Yalmer