TR-HOR-01 Horse & Buggy
TR-HOR-02 Children Driving
TR-HOR-03 Pony Kids
TR-HOR-04 Rest Stop
TR-HOR-05 King of the Road Calumet
TR-HOR-06 Summertime Buggy
TR-HOR-07 Winter Sleigh With Deer
TR-HOR-08 Doctor's Buggy Ishpeming
TR-HOR-09 Parked Out Front
TR-HOR-10 Victor Ameen Transportation
TR-HOR-11 Winter Sleigh
TR-HOR-12 Trick Ponies
TR-HOR-13 Logging Camp Sleigh
TR-HOR-14 Three Legged Horse
TR-HOR-15 Ten Horse Plow
TR-HOR-16 Winter Sleigh
TR-HOR-17 Newberry to Deer Park Sleigh
TR-HOR-18 Stage Coach
TR-HOR-19 Nice Team
TR-HOR-20 Snow Storm
TR-HOR-21 Eight Horse Hitch
TR-HOR 22 Stage Coach
TR-HOR 23 Horses on RR Tracks
TR-HOR 24 Stage Coach
TR-HOR 25 Dray Service
TR-HOR 26 Little Horse 1920
TR-HOR 27 Deluxe Buggy
TR-HOR 28 Winter Sleigh
Transportation Misc.
TR-MIS-01 Goat Cart
TR-MIS-02 Buffalo Wagon