P-01 Father’s Turn
P-02 Little Kiss
P-03 Big Kiss
P-04 The Reading Tree
P-05 Rose Lady
P-06 Whistling Woman
P-07 Milk Dispenser
P-08 Looking Glass
P-09 Churning Butter
P-10 Picnic in the Grass
P-11 Underware Boys
P-12 A Good Book
P-13 Desert Warriors
P-14 Our Daily Bread
P-15 The Boys
P-16 Guns and Banjos
P-17 Handshake Falls
P-18 Camp Nap
P-19 Log Window
P-20 Four Guys
P-21 Norwegian Girls
P-22 Tar Paper Shack
P-23 Pigtail Picnic
P-24 Women of the Corn
P-25 Radio Hour
P-26 Southern Shack
P-27 Tea Time Shack
P-28 Horse Shack
P-29 Tent Camping
P-30 One Big Happy Family
P-31 Waiting For The Show
P-32 Spinster’s Tea
P-33 Cigar Boys
P-34 Another Exciting Sturday Night
P-35 Lover’s Lane Coloma MI.
P-36 Swedish-Finnish Temperance Society
P-37 The Corsett
P-38 Ladies Man
P-39 The Seney Belles
P-40 The Boys From Seney
P-41 Darn Cat
P-42 Clothes Line Ladies
P-43 Boys Club
P-44 Road to No Where
P-45 Lady on the Rock
P-46 Hand Hewn
P-47 Watermelon Party
P-48 Hand Holding Guys
P-49 Mrs. Barnett’s Drama Club
P-50 Mrs. Barnett’s Drama Club
P-51 Too Many Cooks
P-52 Well Dressed Woman
P-53 Girls as Guys
P-54 Chums
P-56 Can You Hear Me Now
P-57 Telephone Time
P-58 Back Porch Mothers
P-59 Sunday in the Park
P-60 Forbidden Love
P-61 Dream Girl
P-62 The Homestead
P-63 Big Bustle
P-64 House Raising Party
P-65 Homesteaders
P-66 Lakeside Picnic
P-67 Bird Man of Blaney
P-68 Bennett Family
P-69 Home Sweet Home
P-70 House at Whitefish
P-71 Indian Cabin
P-72 Rock Pose
P-73 Wall Flowers
P-74 Tent City
P-75 Hat Club
P-76 Flag Boys
P-77 Poor House Club
P-78 Reading Time
P-79 Man Overboard
P-80 Wine Time
P-81 Camp Cupboards
P-82 Big Family
P-83 Hillside Picnic
P-84 Camp Buddies
P-85 You’ve Got Company
P-86 Big Hat Club
P-87 Men’s Club
P-88 Theatre Group Ishpeming
P-89 Theatre Group
P-90 Pioneer Family
P-91 Ring Around The Rosie
P-92 Sporley Camp
P-93 Family and House
P-94 Dressed Up Picnic
P-95 Woman Wearing Flag
P-96 Braided Girls
P-97 Let’s Get Hitched
P-98 Finnish Family
P-99 Fence Post
P-100 Berry Pickers
P-101 Suffrage Parade
P-102 Hair Style
P-103 Camping Registration
P-104 Finnish Mens Group
P-105 Snack Time
P-106 Huron Bay Sign Post
P-107 Culrane?
P-108 Armistice Day Newberry
P-109 State Champs Return Newberry
P-110 Man With His Dog
P-111 Portrait of Woman’s Back
P-112 Pinch of Snuff
P-113 Mrs. McCormick & Bentley
P-114 Camp Dishes
P-115 Long Hair
P-116 Young Guido Bonetti
P-117 Moses Desormier, Cherry Farmer
P-118 Ladies Tea Time
P-119 Roasting Huge Beef
P-120 Merry Widows
P-121 Copper Country Cabin Pose
P-122 Finnish Men’s Group
P-123 Horse Portrait Billboard
P-124 Tent Camping Playground
P-125 Man With Puppies
P-126 Woman With Puppy
P-127 Dog Walking
P-128 St. Bernard on Side Walk
P-129 Spaniel Family Portrait
P-130 Ladies with Flags
P-131 The Male Is Late
P-132 Running To The Camera
P-133 Hanging Around
P-134 Balance Beam
P-135 Picnic Pose
P-136 Walk The Man Plank
P-137 Visiting The Iron Mines
P-138 The Kennedy Sisters
P-139 Christ Anderson On Yellowdog
P-140 Wrapped in the Flag
P-141 His Harem
P-142 Family Tent Camping
P-143 Huge Hats
P-144 Fur Coats at NMU
P-145 Snowball Fight

P-WE01 Wedding Party
P-WE02 Wedding Hat
P-WE03 Wedding Serenade
P-WE04 Bride & Groom
P-WE05 Bride & Groom
P-WE06 Stripes Are In
P-WE07 Throwing Rice
P-WE08 Wedding Group
P-WE09 Bride & Groom
P-WE10 Bride & Groom
P-WE11 Bride & Groom
P-WE12 Bride & Groom
P-WE13 Wedding Family
P-WE14 Best Man & Woman
P-WE15 Bride & Groom
P-WE16 Bride & Groom
P-WE17 Bride & Groom
P-WE18 Bride Veil Off
P-WE19 Bride Veil On

Bathing Suits
P-BS01 Six Swimmers
P-BS02 Cute Hats
P-BS03 Strike A Pose
P-BS04 By The Sea
P-BS05 Beach Mob
P-BS06 Wave Riders
P-BS07 Handstand Help
P-BS08 Stand On Me
P-BS09 Northern Swimmers
P-BS10 Diving Girls
P-BS11 Lake Erie Group
P-BS14 Beach Attire 1890
P-BS15 Nose Dive
P-BS16 Cooling Off
P-BS17 Cruising Presque Isle

P-CS01 Cross Dressers
P-CS02 Fashion Statement
P-CS03 Ancient Order of Foresters
P-CS04 Eleven Dutch Girls
P-CS05 Babushka Group
P-CS06 Ethnic Attire
P-CS07 New Look
P-CS08 Pop Corn Girls
P-CS09 Gypsy Women
P-CS10 Gossip Club
P-CS11 Ku Klux Klan in Negaunee
P-CS12 Ku Klux Klan in Negaunee
P-CS13 Pilgrim Play
P-CS14 Lady Minstrels in Munising
P-CS15 Halloween Party
P-CS16 Star Dresses
P-CS17 Hobo
P-CS18 Finnish Fortune Telling
P-CS19 Heart Club
P-CS20 Pointy Hat
P-CS21 Scottish Attire
P-CS22 Little Bo Peep
P-CS23 Theatre Group
P-CS24 M.W. of A. Degree Team
P-CS25 Switching Clothes
P-CS26 Playing Baby Doll
P-CS27 Black Face
P-CS28 Pregnant Man
P-CS29 Unique Costume
P-CS30 Halloween Party 1910
P-CS31 Teddy Bear Couple
P-DK-39 Cross Dressers Card Game
P-DK-40 Men In Weird Hats

P-HA-22 Attack Cat
P-HA-23 Feeding a Squirrel
P-HA-24 Trick Rider
P-HA-25 Bulldog Float

P-HF-27 Tiny Woman

P-HM-35 Upside Down Barn
P-HM-36 Role Reversal

P-RQ-18 Logging Camp Prositute