CH-01 Twins on a Scale
CH-02 Wicker Baby Buggy
CH-03 Wicker Buggy
CH-04 Fur Lined Buggy
CH-05 Mother With Cutter
CH-06 Baby in Cutter
CH-07 Cutter Baby
CH-08 Bored Baby
CH-09 Girls by a Mine
CH-10 Too Many Ruffles
CH-11 Birthday Party Pose
CH-12 Child’s Play
CH-13 Chalkboard Girl
CH-14 Chalkboard Twins
CH-15 Dinner Time
CH-16 Sound Asleep
CH-17 Tricycle Boy in Dress
CH-18 Cute Outfit
CH-19 Boy Torture
CH-20 I Can Whislte
CH-21 Reflection Kids
CH-22 Peddle Car Charlie
CH-23 Bikes & Wagons
CH-24 Big Hat
CH-25 Sailor Girls
CH-26 Ballerina Twins
CH-27 Armistace Day
CH-28 Seven in a Sailor Suit
CH-29 First Love
CH-30 Beimg Scolded
CH-31 Mirror Image
CH-32 Flower Girls
CH-33 Telephone Girl
CH-34 Happy New Year
CH-35 Guardian Angel
CH-36 Christmas Presents
CH-37 Boy in Ruffles
CH-38 Fur Trim
CH-39 Logging Camp Kids
CH-40 Hugging the Hay
CH-41 Little Girl Scout
CH-42 Flower Children
CH-43 Pop Bottle Kids
CH-44 The Orphans
CH-45 Tricycle Girl
CH-46 Girl With Muffler
CH-47 Stereo Kids
CH-48 Big Hat
CH-49 Barrel Boy
CH-50 Little Soldier
CH-51 Baby Tree
CH-52 Sailor Girl
CH-53 Kid With Camera
CH-54 Sleeping Beauty
CH-55 Ballerina
CH-56 Another Ballerina
CH-57 Attitude
CH-58 Bundled Baby
CH-59 Sailor Kids
CH-60 Mother’s Love
CH-61 Mother & Daughter
CH-62 Sunday Best
CH-63 Tea Time
CH-64 Little Nurse & Soldier
CH-65 Tea Twins
CH-66 Cigar Baby 1
CH-67 Cigar Baby 2
CH-68 Perfect Pose
CH-69 Baby Sitters
CH-70 Flower Hat
CH-71 Winter Kids
CH-72 Ladder Boy
CH-73 I Hate This Shirt
CH-74 Snow Shovel Kids
CH-75 Wheelbarrow Boy
CH-76 Peddle Trike
CH-77 Pioneer Express
CH-78 Potty Girls
CH-79 Long Hair
CH-80 Little Teacher
CH-81 I Hear Santa
CH-82 Bare Boy
CH-83 Kids on Stilts
CH-84 I Don’t Want a Bath
CH-85 First Kiss
CH-86 Boys of the Woods
CH-87 Boy Scouts by Train
CH-88 Scout Parade
CH-89 Boys of the Woods
CH-90 Young Soldiers
CH-91 Corn Flake Boy
CH-92 Boy on Scale
CH-93 Cry Baby
CH-94 Holding Hands
CH-95 Alligator Tears
CH-96 Flower Girl
CH-97 Baby Sitting Club
CH-98 Push Me
CH-99 Get Ready For Bed
CH-100 Llittle Shriners
CH-101 Wagon Ride
CH-102 Sling Shot Boys
CH-103 Italian Hall Survivor
CH-104 Kids in the Parlor
CH-105 Umbrella Pose
CH-106 Winter Clothes
CH-107 Little Quilters
CH-110 Sponge Girl
CH-111 Italian Boy & Girl
CH-112 Girls With Dolls
CH-113 Telephone Girl
CH-114 Snowball Fight 1900
CH-115 Dog Sitting
CH-116 Just Arrived
CH-117 Sleeping Twins
CH-118 Babies With Balls
CH-119 Fairy Princesses
CH-120 Radio Boy
CH-121 Toy Sailboat
CH-122 Peddle Car
CH-123 Girl With Terrior
CH-124 Roller Skate Boy
CH-125 The Tea Party
CH-126 Striped Tricycle
CH-127 Little Patriot
CH-128 Colonial Costumes
CH-129 World War One Parade
CH-130 Halloween Parade 1950
CH-131 School Parade 1920
CH-132 Rolling Hoop Game
CH-133 Broken Arm 1880
CH-134 Naked Farmer
CH-135 Young Lady Portrait
CH-136 Ship Wreck
CH-137 Sleigh Boys
CH-138 Ballet Girl Pose
CH-139 Little “Annie Oakley”
CH-140 Boy Scouts 1950
CH-141 Kids On A Raft
CH-142 Pictured Rocks Scouts
CH-143 Little Shriner
CH-144 Little Soldier
CH-145 Fur Coat Buggy
CH-146 Winter Buggy
CH-147 Fur Baby Cutter
CH-148 Winter Attire
CH-149 The Babysitters
CH-150 Ornate Wicker Buggy
CH-151 Too Tired
CH-152 New Outfit
CH-153 Pull Me
CH-154 Skate Ball
CH-155 Plant Girl
CH-156 Wagner Coaster Boys
CH-157 First Gun
CH-158 Mother Daughter Dressers
CH-159 Mandolin Boy
CH-160 Banjo Boy
CH-161 Babies In A Basket
CH-162 Cabin Kids
CH-163 Playground 1920
CH-164 Fur Muff
CH-165 Book Worm
CH-166 Tree Climber
CH-167 Dutch Boy
CH-168 Antique Tricycle

Children With Dolls
CH-DO-01 Two Dolls
CH-DO-02 Four Dolls
CH-DO-03 Medicine Doll
CH-DO-04 Doll Club
CH-DO-05 Black Doll
CH-DO-06 Doll Class
CH-DO-07 Little Doll
CH-DO-08 Seven Dolls
CH-DO-09 Three Dolls
CH-DO-10 Little Soldier & Little Nurse
CH-DO-11 Wicker Doll
CH-DO-12 Five Dolls
CH-DO-13 Little Friend
CH-DO-14 Little Nurse
CH-DO-15 Buggy Pose
CH-DO-16 Tiny Doll
CH-DO-17 Teddy Bear Boy
CH-DO-18 Bear By The Ears
CH-DO-19 Sleeping Doll
CH-DO-20 Girls With Curls
CH-DO-21 Teddy Bear Baby
CH-DO-22 Two Big Dolls
CH-DO-23 Doll Party
CH-DO-24 Teddy Bear Giggle
CH-DO-25 Well Dressed Dolls
CH-DO-26 Little Doll Buggy
CH-DO-27 Bundled Up Baby
CH-DO-28 Little Seamstress
CH-DO 29 Her Teddy
CH-DO 30 Having Tea
CH-DO 31 Look Alike
CH-DO 32 Rocking Girls

Children With Animals
CH-AN-01 Deer Kisses
CH-AN-02 Dear Baby, Baby Deer
CH-AN-03 Feeding a Fawn
CH-AN-04 Her Best Friend
CH-AN-05 St. Bernard Boy
CH-AN-06 Curly Q’s
CH-AN-07 Good Morning
CH-AN-08 St. Bernard Power
CH-AN-09 Puppy Love
CH-AN-10 Foot Warmer
CH-AN-11 Beauty Rest
CH-AN-12 Dog With Boys?
CH AN-13 Girls, Doll, and Dog
CH-AN-14 Kitty Cart
CH-AN-15 Very Serious
CH-AN-16 Bunny Girl
CH-AN-17 Ouch
CH-AN-18 Winter Friend
CH-AN-19 The Leaner
CH-AN-20 Baby Deer, Dear Baby
CH-AN-21 Bunny Boy
CH-AN-22 Kitty Girl
CH-AN 25 Goat Cart Girls
CH-AN 26 Cat Shadow
CH-AN 27 Helen With Pete & Jumbo
CH-AN 28 Pony Pose
CH-AN 29 Dog Break
CH-AN 30 Doll Sledding
CH-AN 31 Posing With Fido
CH-AN 32 Sit Still
CH-AN 33 Two Sitting
CH-AN 34 Wagon Dog
CH-AN 35 Love My Cat
CH-AN 36 Whose Pulling Who
CH-AN 37 Caught In The Act
CH-AN 38 Wagon Twins
CH-AN 39 Fuzzy Puppies
CH-AN 40 Buddies
CH-AN 41 Saw Mill Dog
CH-AN 42 Lazing On The Porch
CH-AN 43 Say Cheese
CH-AN 44 Kitty Bed

Children Bathing
CH-BA-01 Just Add Water
CH-BA-02 Do I Have To?
CH-BA-03 I’m Ready
CH-BA-04 Sponge Girl 1
CH-BA-05 Sponge Girl 2
CH-BA-06 Bare Butt B&W
CH-BA-08 One Foot In
CH-BA-09 Bath Rats
CH-BA-10 Bath Baby
CH-BA-11 Bath Laugh
CH-BA-12 Tub Twins
CH-BA-13 Galvinized
CH-BA-14 Wet Willy
CH-BA-15 Sponge Bath
CH-BA-16 Dog Bath B&W

CH-XM-01 Tea Set
CH-XM-02 All Their Toys
CH-XM-03 Santa’s Ready
CH-XM-04 Pop Corn Tree
CH-XM-05 Christmas Pose
CH-XM-06 Tree With Candles
CH-XM-07 Toy Display
CH-XM-08 Musical Toys
CH-XM-09 Posing With Rudolph
CH-XM-10 The Night Before
CH-XM-11 He’s Behind You
CH-XM-12 Showing The Toys
CH-XM-13 Presents Under The Tree
CH-XM-14 Toy Terrier
CH-XM-15 Little Tree
CH-XM 16 Pop Gun
CH-XM 17 Tree Close-Up
CH-XM 18 Under The Tree
CH-XM 19 More Toys
CH-XM 20 Family Christmas