O-SG 01 Miller Brothers Store Negaunee
O-SG 02 Quayle’s Store Princeton
O-SG 03 The Variety Store Escanaba
O-SG 04 T.O’Connell Dry Goods Escanaba
O-SG 05 R.J. Sawer Pharmacy Menominee
O-SG 06 Childs & Sawer Boots & Shoes Menominee
O-SG 07 Manhard’s Hardware Store Newberry
O-SG 08 Cupie Doll Display
O-SG 09 Soda Fountain and Pharmacy
O-SG 10 Hardware Store
O-SG 11 Who’s Next?
O-SG 12 Lunch Bucket Delivery
O-SG 13 Wood Stoves For Sale
O-SG 14 Ramsdell Hardware Norway
O-SG 15 Tamarack Cash Store
O-SG 16 Grocery Store
O-SG 18 General Store
O-SG 19 F.W. Woolworth Store Interior
O-SG 20 General Store
O-SG 21 Cigars and Such
O-SG 22 Larson Brothers Cash Store
O-SG 23 Quayle’s Store Princeton
O-SG 24 Quayle’s Store Princeton
O-SG 25 Dan’s Hardware
O-SG 26 Jacob Smith Grocery Marquette
O-SG 27 Manhard’s Hardware Newberry
O-SG 28 Manhard’s Hardware Newberry
O-SG 29 Lamps and Dishes
O-SG 30 Suitcases and Purses
O-SG 31 Sporley’s Hardware Negaunee
O-SG 32 Mennen Display
O-SG 33 Lumbercamp Cook Shack
O-SG 34 Store Ad Negaunee
O-SG 35 Bird Cage Heaven
O-SG 36 Docs Corner Don Liberty
O-SG 37 Lamp Display
O-SG 38 Wash Machines Bodette
O-SG 39 Bodette Electric Shop
O-SG-40 Victrola and Watch Store
O-SC 01 Paris Fashions Marquette
O-SC 02 Men’s Clothing Store
O-SC 03 Clothing Store
O-SC 04 Hats and Such
O-SC 05 Fabric Store Negaunee
O-SC 06 Davis & Fehr Clothing Store Ironwood
O-SC 07 Tailor Shop
O-SC 08 Tailor Shop Interior
O-SC 09 Quayle’s Store Princeton
O-SC 10 Winkelman’s St. Ignace
O-SC 11 Winkleman’s St. Ignace
O-SC 12 Winkleman’s St. Ignace
O-SC 13 Clothing Store
O-SC 14 Clothing Store
O-SC-15 Tailor Shop 1900
O-SS 01 Shoe and Boots Store
O-SS 02 Boot Store
O-SS 03 Shoe Repair Store
O-SS 04 Kinney Shoes Escanaba
O-SS 05 Shoe Doctor
O-SS-06 Shoe Store 1900
O-SSAD-01 Saddle Shop
O-SCK 01 Clock Shop
O-SP 01 N.W. Hatch Paint Store
O-SP 04 Paint Store Ishpeming
O-STX 01 Taxadermy Display
O-SH 01 G.W. Kaufman’s Harness Shop Escanaba
O-SH 02 Harness Shop Republic
O-SH 03 Harness Shop Interior Republic
O-STS 01 Traveling Salesman Jacob Gardner
O-STS 02 Turkish Remedy Salesman
O-STS 03 Travelling Sharpener
O-STS-04 Hardware Display
O-GM 01 L.Hoyseth Groceries and Meat
O-GM 02 J.W. Spear Groceries and Provisions Marquette
O-GM 03 Ecks Grocery Store Marquette
O-GM 04 Frank Fontaine Grocery Escanaba
O-GM 05 Central Market Iron Mountain
O-GM 06 William’s Meat and Grocery Marquette
O-GM 07 Grocery Store Munising
O-GM 08 Butcher Shop Calulmet
O-GM 09 Meat Market Copper Country
O-GM 10 Meat Market Copper Country
O-GM 11 Butcher Shop Ishpeming
O-GM 12 Butcher Shop Iron Mountain
O-GM 13 Butcher Sop Iron Mountain
O-GM 14 Butcher Shop
O-GM 15 Hoose & Eaton Meat Market Iron Mountain
O-GM 16 Smiling Butcher
O-GM 17 Grocery Store With Can Display
O-GM 18 Grocery Store
O-GM 19 Butcher Store
O-GM 20 Omaha Packing Company Wagon
O-GM 21 Three Bakers
O-GM 22 Meat Market
O-GM 23 Meat Marker
O-GM 24 Butcher in Action
O-GM 25 Trudeau Meat Market Ontonagon
O-GM 26 Grocery Store
O-GM 27 Grocery Store
O-GM 28 General Store
O-GM 29 Hughes Mercantile Ishpeming
O-GM 30 Butcher Shop
O-GM 31 Pepsi Cola Display
O-GM 32 Rosberg’s Store Trout Creek
O-GM 33 Grocery Store
O-GM 35 Swift Premium Window Display
O-GM 36 Jacob Smith’s Grocery Marquette
O-GM 37 Baker at Work
O-GM 38 Hallberg & Osterberg Bakery
O-GM 39 Bakers Portrait
O-GM 40 Bakery Store
O-GM 41 C.G. Eck Grocery Marquette
O-GM 42 Hog Delivery Wesien’s Newberry
O-GM 43 Meat Market Pellston
O-GM 44 Cooks Portrait
O-GM 45 Vienna Bakery Calumet
O-GM 46 Star Bakery Iron River
O-GM 47 Star Bakery Delivery Truck Iron River
O-GM-48 General Store
O-GM-49 Grocery With Coke
O-GM-50 Grocery Store 1940
O-GM-51 Van Dyke Manistique
O-GM-52 Milk Depot Detroit
O-GM-53 Johnson Milk
O-GM-54 Milk Depot Detroit
O-GM-55 Red Owl Marquette MI
O-GM-56- PX Deli Marquette MI
O-GM-57 Grocery Interior 1900
O-DEL 01 Vernor’s Truck Driver
O-DEL 02 Jewel Company Wagon
O-DEL 03 Lindberg’s Grocery Escanaba
O-DEL 04 Sweitzer Creamery Truck Detroit
O-DEL 05 Hardware Truck
O-DEL 06 Charles Wettberg Bakery Negaunee
O-DEL 07 Smith Dairy Truck Negaunee
O-DEL 08 Vernor’s Truck
O-DEL 09 Jacob Smith Grocery Wagon
O-DEL 10 Hughes Mercantile Ishpeming
O-DEL 11 Spear & Son’s Truck Marquette
O-DEL 12 Spear & Sons Wagons Marquette
O-DEL 13 Northwestern Lumber Co. Gladstone
O-DEL 14 Felix Chiabotto Grocery’s Negaunee
O-DEL 15 Delivery Wagon Iron Mountain
O-DEL 16 Grocery Wagon Republic
O-DEL 17 Anderson & Holm Meat Market Truck Gladstone
O-DEL 18 W.J. King Hardware Truck
O-DEL19 Nara Wood Delivery Truck Calumet
O-DEL 20 P.H. Atkins Grocery Escanaba
O-DEL 21 Sambo’s Wood Wagon
O-DEL 22 Lansing’s Dairy Company Truck
O-DEL-23 Vernors Truck 1940’s
O-DEL-24 Vernors Truck 1966
O-DEL-25 Vernors Truck 1930’s
O-DEL-26 Remedies Salesman
O-DEL-27 Vernors Truck Color
O-DEL-28 Coca Cola Truck Color
O-DEL-29 Johnson Milk Company
O-DEL-30 Johnson Milk Depot
O-DEL-31 Burro Load of Wood
O-DEL-32 Delivery Man Milk Barrel
O-DEL-33 Gannon Grocery IGA Truck
O-DEL-34 Newberry Dairy Truck Decorated
O-DEL-35 Sen Sen Gum Wagon
O-DEL-36 Candy Wagon
O-DIN 01 Counter Help
O-DIN 02 W.H. Wood Confectionary Sault St. Marie
O-DIN 03 Khoury’s Confectonary Iron Mountain
O-DIN 04 Doncker’s Candy Store Marquette
O-DIN 05 Doncker’s Candy Store & Popcorn Wagon
O-DIN 06 Baby Buggies at Donckers
O-DIN 07 Donckers Soda Fountain
O-DIN 08 Donckers Candy Store
O-DIN 09 Donckers Soda Fountain
O-DIN 10 Donckers Candy Store
O-DIN 11 Congress Bill of Fare Ishpeming
O-DIN 12 Kellogg’s Corn Flake Display
O-DIN 13 Hires Root Beer Barrel
O-DIN 14 Soda Fountain
O-DIN 15 Soda Fountain & Candy Store
O-DIN 16 Restaurant Interior
O-DIN 18 Donckers Tobacco & Fruit
O-DIN 20 Front Street Coffee Shop Traverse City
O-DIN 21 Soda Fountain Detroit
O-DIN 22 Drug Store Newberry
O-DIN 23 Drug Store Newberry
O-DIN 24 Soda Fountain Newberry
O-DIN 25 Soda Fountain Newberry
O-DIN 26 Dining Room Girls
O-DIN-27 The Sweet Shop
O-DIN-28 Donckers 1950
O-DIN-29 The Cooks On Break
O-DIN-30 Cooks With Great Hats
O-DIN-31 Camp Cooks
O-DIN-32 Diner & Juke Box
O-DIN-33 Lunch Counter & Juke Box
O-DIN-34 Diner Lunch Counter
O-DIN-35 Tile Soda Fountain
O-DIN-36 Tile Fountain