Civil War
O-MCW 01 General Robert E. Lee
O-MCW 02 Group of Soldiers
O-MCW 03 General Sickles & Staff
O-MCW 04 Embalmer
O-MCW 05 General Kilpatrick
O-MCW 06 Army Blacksmith
O-MCW 07 Young Soldiers
O-MCW 08 Young Soldier
O-MCW 09 General McClellan & Wife
O-MCW 10 General Sherman
O-MCW 11 Young Soldier Died at

Civil War: Andersonville
O-MCW 12 Soldier Pose
O-MCW 13 Young Soldier
O-MCW 14 Doctor Hood
O-MCW 15 Very Young ‘Soldier
O-MCW 16 Dead Confederate
O-MCW 17 General Sherman & Staff
O-MCW 18 Ruins of Richmond
O-MCW 19 Soldiers at Fair Oaks
O-MCW 20 Dead Confederate
O-MCW 21 Railroad Depot at Nashville
O-MCW 22 Soldier Humor
O-MCW 23 The Monitor
O-MCW 24 Civil War Veterans Champion
O-MCW 25 Officer Dress
O-MCW 26 Suttlers Tent
O-MCW 27 General Grant’s War Counsel
O-MCW 28 Men in a Sibley Tent
O-MCW 29 Picket Uniion Station
O-MCW 30 Dead Confederate
O-MCW 31 Civil War Veterans Ishpeming
O-MCW 32 Robert E. Lee Portrait
O-MCW 33 General Grant
O-MCW 34 General Grant Portrait
O-MCW-35 George Armstrong Custer
O-MCW-36 George Armstrong Custer
O-MCW-37 Robert E. Lee
O-MCW-38 Robert E. Lee
O-MCW-39 Soldier & Rifle
O-MCW-41 Cumberland Landing VA
O-MCW-42 George Bigelo
O-MCW-43 Union Soldier
O-MCW-44 Union Tin Type
O-MCW-45 Leather Repair

World War I
O-MWWI-01 On the Ready
O-MWWI-02 Motorcycle & Side Car
O-MWWI-03 Armored Truck
O-MWWI-04 Upper Peninsula Warriors
O-MWWI-05 At Attention
O-MWWI-06 Troops
O-MWWI-07 Llittle Nurse
O-MWWI-08 The Human Liberty Bell
O-MWWI-09 Inductees
O-MWWI-10 Tanks in the Trench
O-MWWI-11 Soldier’s Skull
O-MWWI-12 German Tank Turned Turtle
O-MWWI-13 German Tank Sausage
O-MWWI-14 Wrecked Tank
O-MWWI-15 Walking Wounded
O-MWWI-16 British in the Trenches
O-MWWI-17 French Tank
O-MWWI-18 Big Gun in the Trench
O-MWWI-19 Boys on Break
O-MWWI-20 Barbed Wired Trenches
O-MWWI-21 Clemencero Visits the Aviation Camp
O-MWWI-22 Trench Warfare
O-MWWI-23 Soldier in Studio
O-MWWI-24 Artillary
O-MWWI-25 Train Load of Soldiers
O-MWWI-26 Two Doughboys
O-MWWI-27 One Doughboy
O-MWWI-28 Dug In
O-MWWI-29 Field Hospital Truck
O-MWWI-30 Posing in Camp
O-MWWI-31 Five Soldiers in Studio
O-MWWI-32 Two Sailors on Deck
O-MWWI-33 Studio Pose
O-MWWI-34 Soldier With Gun
O-MWWI-35 General Pershing With French General
O-MWWI-36 Men in the Trenchs
O-MWWI-37 Military Parade
O-MWWI-38 Decayed Soldier
O-MWWI-39 Bombed Out France
O-MWWI-40 Camp Hygene
O-MWWI-41 Moose LaCombe Portrait
O-MWWI-42 Moose Lacombe & Govenor Milliken
O-MWWI-43 Full Uniform
O-MWWI-44 General Pershing
O-MWWI-45 Welcome Home Palmer MI
O-MWWI-46 Welcome Home Palmer MI
O-MWWI-47 President Mckinley & Pershing
O-MWWI-48 Military Funeral Ishpeming
O-MWWI-49 Military Funeral Ishpeming
O-MWW1-50 Soldier in Studio
O-MWW1-51 Soldiers at Northern Normal
O-MWW1-52 Greenland MI Soldiers
O-MWW1-53 Dick Barberra Greenland MI
O-MWW1-54 Soldiers Rocking
O-MWW1-55 Win The War Sign
O-MWW1-56 357 th Michigan Coming Home

World War II
O-MWWII-01 Japanese Surrender Papers
O-MWWII-02 Japanese Surrender
O-MWWII-03 Japanese Surrender
O-MWWII-04 Japanese Surrender
O-MWWII-05 Sailors on a Battle Ship
O-MWWII-06 Plane Catapult
O-MWWII-07 Women on the Home Front
O-MWWII-08 Soldiers Home on Leave Marquette
O-MWWII-09 Soldiers Home on Leave Marquette
O-MWWII-10 Pre-Induction Information Display
O-MWWII-11 Home on Leave
O-MWWII-12 Servce Center Canteen
O-MWWII-13 Women Signing Up
O-MWWII-14 Save Waste Fats
O-MWWII-15 Exposed
O-MWWII-16 Short Arm Inspection
O-MWWII-17 Japanese Surrender
O-MWWII-18 Nurse Rosemary Zenti
O-MWWII-19 Shirley Temple & Rosemary Zenti Visit the Wounded
O-MWWII-20 Submarine Captain David McClintock
O-MWW2-21 War Over Headline
O-MWW2-22 Piss On Newspaper
O-MWW2-23 American Legion
O-MWW2-24 Bomb
O-MWW2-25 WAC Recruiting Detroit
O-MWW2-26 General Pershing 1922
O-MWW2-27 Army Ambulances
O-MWW2-28 Army Ambulances
O-MWW2-29 For The Gipper Bomber
O-MWW2-30 Ken Rogers Marine Photographer

K.I. Sawyer

O-MBASE-01 K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base

O-MISCW-01 Spanish American War Soldiers Houghton
O-MISCW-02 Spanish American War Troops
O-MISCW-03 Spanish American Troops With Ladies
O-MISCW-04 Russian Army on the March
O-MISCW-05 Spanish American War Soldiers
O-MISCW-06 Spanish American War Soldiers
O-MISCW-07 Michigan National Guard Iron Mine Strikes
O-MISCW-08 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-09 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-10 Spanish American War
O-MISCW-11 War is Over Headline
O-MISCW-12 Mich. National Guard Grave
O-MISCW-13 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-14 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-15 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-16 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-17 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-18 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-19 Mich. National Guard
O-MISCW-21 Houghton Soldiers Going to War
O-MISCW-22 Ishpeming Light Guard
O-MISCW- 24 Spanish War Bomb
O-MISCW-25 Spanish War Soldiers

Battle Ships
O MBS-01 U.S.S.. Texas
O-MBS-02 U.S.S. Northhampton
O-MBS-03 U.S.S. Houston
O-MBS-04 U.S.S. Lexington
O-MBS-05 Heading to War
O-MBS-06 Roosevelt on the Arizonia
O-MBS-07 Launching a Submarine
O-MBS-08 Ships Up Close
O-MBS-09 Ships Up Close
O-MBS-10 Battleship Newark
O-MBS-11 Naval Ship 1940
O-MBS-12 Submarine Launch
O-MBS-13 Submarine Menhaden
O-MBS-14 S.S. Texas
O-MBS-15 U.S.S. Michigan Gun
O-MBS-16 U.S.S. Wolverine
O-MBS-17 Sub Chaser
O-MBS-18 Sub Chaser
O-MBS-19 U.S.S. Saratoga
O-MBS-20 U.S.S. Hornet

Nose Cone Art
O-MART-01 Queen of the Clouds
O-MART-02 Little Miss Winnie
O-MART-03 Million Dollar Baby
O-MART-04 Pretty Baby
O-MART-05 Bye, Bye, Blues
O-MART-06 Pappy’s Passion
O.MART-07 Rip Snorter
O-MART-08 Slightly Dangerous
O-MART-09 Phyllis J. of Worcester
O-MART-10 Miss Kiwanis
O-MART-11 Bail-Out Belle
O-MART-12 Hurkie
O-MART-13 Double Trouble
O-MART-14 Shakes All Over
O-MART-15 Satan’s Baby
O-MART-16 Jini
O-MART-17 Booby Trap
O-MART-18 Pirate Lady
O-MART-19 Juarez Whistle
O-MART-20 Queen Ann
O-MART-21 Form 1-A
O-MART-22 Dauntless Dottie
O-MART-23 Cherokee Strip