M-MISC 01 St. Johns Boat
M-MISC 02 Wooden Boat
M-MISC 03 WoodenBoats in Marquette
M-MISC 04 Wooden Boats Les Cheneaux
M-MISC 05 Launching Klines Cruiser Alpena
M-MISC 06 Wooden Boat
M-MISC 07 Wooden Boat Remains
M-MISC 08 Wooden Boat Grand Island
M-MISC 09 Hamel Realty Les Cheneaux
M-MISC 10 Kids With Boat
M-MISC 11 Wooden Launch
M-MISC 12 Wooden Rowboat
M-MISC 13 Early Kayaks
M-MISC 14 Early Kayaks
M-MISC 15 Dug Out Canoe
M-MISC 16 Steam Boat Lake Orion
M-MISC 17 Chris Craft Launch
M-MISC 18 Wooden Boats Traverse City
M-MISC 19 Wooden Boat Petoskey
M-MISC 20 Wooden Boats Les Cheneaux
M-MISC 21 Wooden Boat Chocolay River
M-MISC 22 Row Boat Boys
M-MISC 23 Wooden Boat Fennville
M-MISC 24 Lyle D.
M-MISC 25 U.S. Sub Chasers Menominee
M-MISC 26 Bible Conference Gun Lake
M-MISC 27 Wooden Boats Whitefish Point
M-MISC 28 Wooden Cruiser
M-MISC 29 Wooden Boat and Old Truck
M-MISC 30 Row Boat Party
M-MISC 31 Gar Wood’s Miss America X
M-MISC 32 Westover Cadillac
M-MISC 33 Wooden Scow Escanaba
M-MISC 34 Launch Jennie Rankin
M-MISC 35 Early Canoes
M-MISC 36 Yachting on the Tahquamenon
M-MISC 37 Party on the Nautilus
M-MISC 38 Wooden Boats Gull Lake
M-MISC 39 Sailors
M-MISC 40 Yachting on the Tahquamenon
M-MISC-41 Chris Craft Factory Algonac
M-MISC-42 "Markham" Corp. of Engineers
M-MISC-43 "Aspen" Lighthouse Tender
M-MISC-44 Monarch in Mqt.
M-MISC-45 Buckeye Belle Indian River
M-MISC-46 Tahquamenon River Boat
M-MISC-47 "Florence K" Mackinac Island
M-MISC-48 Miss Mackinac II Explosion
M-MISC-49 Hacker Craft at Mackinac Island
M-MISC-50 Hacker Craft at Mackinac Island
M-MISC-51 Mackinac Speedboat Service
M-MISC-52 Wooden Boat on Skids
M-MISCBCO 01 Thompson Brothers Boat Mfg. Co.
M-MISCBCO 02 E.J. Mertaughs Boat Works/Chris Craft Hessel
M-MISCBCO 03 Chris Smith & Sons Algonac
M-MISCBCO 04 Chris Craft Factory Algonac
M-MISCBCO 05 Chris Craft Factory Algonac
M-MISCDR 01 Dredging St. Louis Bay MN
M-MISCDR 02 Dredging with Tugs
M-MISCFISH 01 Fishing Boats Marquette
M-MISCFISH 02 Fishing Boats Marquette
M-MISCFISH 03 Fishing Boats Leeland
M-MISCFISH 04 Fishing Boat Mary Munising
M-MISCFISH 05 Fishing Boats Grand Marais
M-MISCFISH 06 Fish Boat Gloriana Grand Marais
M-MISCFISH 07 Fish Boat Queen Ester Munising
M-MISCFISH 08 Fish Boat Grand Marais
M-MISCFISH 09 Fish Boat Crew Grand Marias
M-MISCFISH 10 Fish Boat Ora Enderess
M-MISCFISH 11 Fish Boat C.W. Enderess
M-MISCFISH 12 Fishing Boats Grand Marias
M-MISCFISH 13 Fish Boat Fashion
M-MISCFISH 14 Fish Boats Ontonagon
M-MISCFISH 15 Fish Boat Marquette
M-MISCTUG 01 Tug Boat Alabama
M-MISCTUG 02 Tug Boat Alabama
M-MISCTUG 03 Columbia in Marquette
M-MISGTUG 04 Martha C. Duluth
M-MISCTUG 05 Gladitor
M-MISCTUG 06 Gladitor
M-MISCTUG 07 Annie R, Henne
M-MISCTUG 08 Tug Boat Illinois
M-MISCTUG 09 Tug Boat Iowa
M-MISCTUG10 Theora
M-MISCTUG11 Theora
M-MISCLB 01 Light Ship Huron
M-MISCLB 02 Light Ship St. Lansing Shoal
M-MISCLB 03 Light Ships Cheboygan River
M-MISCLB 04 Light Ship St. Clair
M-MISCLB 05 Light Ship Martin & Poe
M-LUMSC-16 Daniel Hebard
M-MISCCGC 01 Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
M-MISCCGC 02 Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
M-MISCCGC 03 Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw